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Samantha Hillstrom, Part 2 (Now with less swearing!)

Reader Margaret stopped by and left a comment re my rant about CNN’s Samantha Hillstrom’s blog post the other day. Find Hillstrom’s initial post here, and my initial rant here. WARNING: Gratuitous profanity.

Margaret said:

She posted an update. Calm down. Also, stop swearing. I don’t want to donate money to someone that tells people to fuck off. Good luck to you.

She also included a link to Samantha’s follow up to her post, found here.

My reply:

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AP: Palin sister-in-law accused of breaking into home

If you give a shit, read it here.

Or, in other news about law-breaking political relatives, our President’s Dear Auntie is currently still in this country illegally, free to break the law every single day she wakes up, with the full knowledge and cooperation of our government. Who can guess how many taxpayer dollars she burns through each day.

If that’s not enough for you, there’s always Barack’s brother, who was arrested in February for drug possession in Kenya.

But look for Sarah Palin’s husband’s half-sister to be added to the list preceding every media mention of the Alaska guv.

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Dodd Going Down

Just a quick update on the Man from AIG via Instapundit. He’s in deep trouble. At this point, it seems like one of those races where the GOP would almost be better off having him coast into certain defeat in November rather than having the Dems throw him under the bus in favor of a candidate who actually has a chance of winning. Even Gawker is ripping him.

“In other words, Chris Dodd is one of those terrible bastards who thinks his Senate seat is his birthright. “Every time I walk on the Senate floor, I feel that he’s vindicated,” Dodd once said of his father, because he is an entitled asshole.”

That’s pretty rough.

Gawker links to an exchange posted at The Hill’s blog with DSCC Chairman and overall New Jersey scumbag Robert Menendez, who claims:

Q: “Does the DSCC still support Chris whole-heartedly in light of these new numbers, and do they surprise you?”

Menendez: : “Are you serious? Chris Dodd is going to be re-elected. He’s a great senator.”

Q: “So the DSCC still supports him all the way?”

Menendez: “Absolutely.”

Of course, it’s quite possible this is just typical bluster before Dodd gets run over by a Vamoose charter. But we can always hope that Menendez and the Dems are as delusional as they sound about Dodd.

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Profanity ban permanently suspended.

at Atlas Shrugs, a cartoon:


However, and with all apologies to the original creator, I’d suggest a tweak in the text…


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Profanity Ban Suspended in Honor of Samantha Hillstrom, CNN

I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t have the time to continue posting on here regularly, if at all, between work and school, so from now on posts will be sporadic at best, and this space will be used primarily as a forum for my own personal venting (which doesn’t really change anything…).

So between that, and the subject line, consider yourself warned. What follows will not be pretty, in any sense of the word. There will be much strong profanity. Seriously.

Mom, if you’re reading, stop now. Everyone else read on, if you want.

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