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New York City as the New Detroit

Is the greatest city in the world going to go the way of the worst city in the country? The government of my current home state seems to want that to happen. With financial sector jobs fleeing the city in droves, taking their tax payments with them, the state and city government has responded by, you guessed it, hiking taxes and spending and doubling down on regulations. Brilliant.

And why would these jobs ever return? With markets increasingly decentralized, financial companies have no incentive to come back to NYC, and instead will turn up elsewhere around the country, or even overseas, in Dubai, or Frankfurt, or Shanghai. When your government is treating you like the source of all evil in the world, when they’re encouraging citizens to go to your homes, when elected representatives are calling for you to (quite literally) fall on your sword, that’s small encouragement to hang around.

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Creeping Fascism

At Ace of Spades HQ, Purple Avenger details a particularly insidious little piece of legislation, HR 875, that, as I understand it, will basically enact draconion regulations and potential fines on small farmers throughout the country with the intention of making it virtually impossible for them to compete on any level with large-scale industrialized agriculture.

Purple Avenger’s gist:

Basically, HR 875 sets up a MASSIVE new government bureaucracy called the Food Safety Administration, and compels anything known as a “food establishment” to register with the federal government (paying registration fees of course) and to submit to inspections that are at different intervals depending on the type of “food establishment” you are.

Much more at Ace HQ, as well as a handful of links to other discussions here,here, here and here.

Avenger also includes a video from Shelly Roche laying out the basics:

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