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So, I knew that Creed Bratton (aka “Creed Bratton” from the Office) was a musician, but I never really bothered to look into it. But this morning Yeah Right posted a YouTube video of a (very) young Creed playing lead guitar with the Grass Roots on their Top Ten hit “Let’s Live for Today.” He shows up at 1:30, and then again around 1:48, looking appropriately shifty-eyed. A great song.

He also apparently played guitar on another of the Grass Roots big hits, “Midnight Confessions,” one of my favorite songs of that era, but one of those that I never could have named the artist. I’m assuming he’s in this video as well, off to the left, but for reasons that escape me the director apparently didn’t wish to make Creed the face of the band. Jerk.

See the “Midnight Confessions” vid here.

This is one of those little pieces of trivia that you find out about somebody you already know for something else that makes them that much more awesome. My favorite items of this ilk is the whole Ricky Jay thing. For those who don’t know, Ricky Jay is one of those recognizable faces that pops up every once in a while (particulary for David Mamet fans, and to a lesser degree, Paul Thomas Anderson devotees) and lends a distinct sense of creepiness, mystery and/or indefinable oddity to the proceedings.

However, Jay first made his mark as a slight-of-hand artist, and is apparently widely recognized as the premiere slight-of-hand guy in the world. Awesome. Some of his tricks are available on YouTube, along with his trademark deadpan banter.


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