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Identical Twins Use Identical DNA to Commit Perfect Crime

via Jonah in the Corner:

A Perfect Crime?: Twins Suspected in Spectacular Jewelry Heist Set Free

German police say at least one of the identical twin brothers Hassan and Abbas O. may have perpetrated a recent multimillion euro jewelry heist in Berlin. But because of their indistinguishable DNA, neither can be individually linked to the crime. Both were set free on Wednesday.

I guess my post headline is misleading, who knows if they actually committed the crime, but it’s cooler that way…though this whole thing reminded me of a side plot of the underappreciated 2002 Nick Nolte remake of The Good Thief.


As part of a “big heist,” a pair of identical twins pull off the perfect crime. One of the pair gets a job at the casino that allows him access to the vault while the existence of his twin remains a secret from nearly everyone. Therefore, when he simply opens the vault and takes the cash, he has an unimpeachable alibi, as his twin is in plain view of hundreds of people and security cameras.


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