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Identical Twins Use Identical DNA to Commit Perfect Crime

via Jonah in the Corner:

A Perfect Crime?: Twins Suspected in Spectacular Jewelry Heist Set Free

German police say at least one of the identical twin brothers Hassan and Abbas O. may have perpetrated a recent multimillion euro jewelry heist in Berlin. But because of their indistinguishable DNA, neither can be individually linked to the crime. Both were set free on Wednesday.

I guess my post headline is misleading, who knows if they actually committed the crime, but it’s cooler that way…though this whole thing reminded me of a side plot of the underappreciated 2002 Nick Nolte remake of The Good Thief.


As part of a “big heist,” a pair of identical twins pull off the perfect crime. One of the pair gets a job at the casino that allows him access to the vault while the existence of his twin remains a secret from nearly everyone. Therefore, when he simply opens the vault and takes the cash, he has an unimpeachable alibi, as his twin is in plain view of hundreds of people and security cameras.


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Obama outlines plan for GM, Chrysler

Ever wish you could drive a car built by the same people who brought you reliable, high-quality, stress free institutions like housing projects, the DMV, the post office and public transportation systems? Well now you can! Where do I sign up?!


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin weighs in here.

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So Cool

So, I knew that Creed Bratton (aka “Creed Bratton” from the Office) was a musician, but I never really bothered to look into it. But this morning Yeah Right posted a YouTube video of a (very) young Creed playing lead guitar with the Grass Roots on their Top Ten hit “Let’s Live for Today.” He shows up at 1:30, and then again around 1:48, looking appropriately shifty-eyed. A great song.

He also apparently played guitar on another of the Grass Roots big hits, “Midnight Confessions,” one of my favorite songs of that era, but one of those that I never could have named the artist. I’m assuming he’s in this video as well, off to the left, but for reasons that escape me the director apparently didn’t wish to make Creed the face of the band. Jerk.

See the “Midnight Confessions” vid here.

This is one of those little pieces of trivia that you find out about somebody you already know for something else that makes them that much more awesome. My favorite items of this ilk is the whole Ricky Jay thing. For those who don’t know, Ricky Jay is one of those recognizable faces that pops up every once in a while (particulary for David Mamet fans, and to a lesser degree, Paul Thomas Anderson devotees) and lends a distinct sense of creepiness, mystery and/or indefinable oddity to the proceedings.

However, Jay first made his mark as a slight-of-hand artist, and is apparently widely recognized as the premiere slight-of-hand guy in the world. Awesome. Some of his tricks are available on YouTube, along with his trademark deadpan banter.

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Hope! *

Re the looming GM debacle from Francis Cianfrocca at Red State. A taste:

But the public money given to GM and Chrysler LLC has simply been poured down a rat hole. These companies are bleeding cash, and in a just world they would have failed months ago. Instead, public money is getting fed into them, just like pint after pint of precious blood dumped into a guy who’s hemorrhaging from a dozen bullet holes.

Read it all here.

*in the strict Obamian sense, which of course means exactly the opposite

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