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Help Save Our Educational System

Dan Hannan, MEP

I know this has already made the rounds, pretty much everywhere, but I wanted to post it anyway, just on the off chance that you’ve yet to have a listen. It’s quite simply one of the single best oral performances I’ve ever witnessed.

This is how you “speak truth to power,” to employ the ridiculous phrase of the left. Please watch it. If you’ve already seen it, watch it again. Brilliant.

And I’ve since gone and listened to some of his other brief speeches available on YouTube, and I would heartily recommend you do the same. The guy just knows how to talk. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I agree with pretty much everything I’ve heard him say to this point, but it’s so refreshing to listen to a politician who doesn’t mince words, who doesn’t pontificate endlessly about how great he is, who doesn’t employ the legalese and meaningless PC jargon that has taken over our society, with its roots firmly planted in academia.

There’s hope yet for Britain, and if our cousins across the Atlantic can be pulled back from the abyss, then there is hope for America.


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  1. This guy is brilliant. I’ve listened to it at least six times because it’s so inspiring. I wonder how it’s being viewed by the British? Are they as moved by it as we are? Of course, you’ll never hear much about it in our press, unless you read Drudge.

    Comment by WriterX | 03/27/2009 | Reply

    • I feel the same way, I think I watched it at least five times yesterday, and twice more this morning. I think I’m addicted. Apparently Neil Cavuto had Hannan on, and the YouTube clip has received hundreds of thousands of hits, but yes, I wonder if anyone outside the right-wing echo chamber knows it exists. We can only hope.

      Comment by Johnny Chimpo | 03/27/2009 | Reply

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