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A wee bit of morning insanity from AM New York, the free daily that mostly serves to keep the ground warm outside subway stations across the city (now with confidence-boosting crossword puzzle!).

Out of the “Your Letters” section, from Shelia Gray of scenic Astoria:

Enough with the painful fair hike!

Bush may not be president, but his legacy continues to erode the life of America’s poor and middle class. And in this case the eroding force is the MTA. Paraphrasing then Treasury Secretary Paulson’s mantra, that “AIG is too big to fail,” the MTA is playing Russian roulette with the riding and commuting public. The bullet, an ultimatum to Albany, bails us out by March 25 or we will see fares raised across the board. A “monkey-see, monkey-do, if Wall Street can do it, why not us,” mentality is taking root. Gross mismanagement is the real culprit here, thus a complete overhaul of MTA management and an audit is in order. In the meantime get rid of VPs who do little to nothing and collect CEO-type paychecks, and stop extorting the public.

This is almost funny, in that I actually pretty much agree with her point here. The NY MTA is grossly mismanaged, they do waste a ton of money, a complete overhaul (or just outright dismissal) of MTA management and an audit is in order. But the shot at Bush? Wha?

Is BDS an actual disorder, that forces people to blame Bush for everything? I used to think it was a joke, that it would start to fade once Bush left office, but now I’m not so sure. Could it be real? I can’t really think of any other explanation for Ms. Gray’s apparent need to insert that opening sentence in her letter. How on earth the problems of the MTA are in any way whatsoever related to the Presidency of George W. Bush is beyond me.

Anyway…work time.


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