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Donald Douglas at American Power chimes in as well, and quotes and links here. Thanks Donald!

He provides a similar tale of student financial woe, and wraps up with:

Basically, I did what most people do, or at least that’s what I think most people do, or should do … be responsible. I’m proud of my achievement in that sense. That just seems like the American way.

Indeed. But if I can offer a small edit. The last sentence should read: “That just seems like is the American way.”

Read his whole post here.

Trust me, there are many times when I’ve thought about how much easier (in the short term) life would be if I bit the bullet, took out a bunch of loans, quit my day job and just went to school full time on the government’s dime. I’d have a ton more free time, I ton less stress, and much more of a social life.

But the thought of emerging from school with a buttload of debt keeps me from going down that path. I want to be responsible for myself, for my life, and I don’t think it would be right to force anyone else to subsidize me. Hell, I’m going to school to be a teacher, I’m going to be giving back, right? It’s an investment in their children’s future to educate me.

But that still wouldn’t make it right for me to force my fellow Americans to pay for it, and I refuse to do so.


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