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UPDATE 3 writes: Finally A Stimulus Proposal Even I Can Support

Referencing Allahpundit’s student loan bailout, glendean says:

Finally somebody is proposing a stimulus plan that makes sense cents. To hell with personal responsibility and all that, not when it comes to me. (emphasis mine)

I’m sorry, this has to be a joke, right? Right? What kind of adult talks like this? Is this the state of our society? Apparently so. He follows with:

You know I have never understood the concept of giving grants to some and forcing others to get loans. When you both graduate, you both have the same degree, but the one who was supposed to have been disadvantaged at the starting line, ends up with the advantage at the finish, because he doesn’t have all of that debt to pay back. It doesn’t make sense. My family was far from rich and I never qualified for any grants.

Which is a reasonable argument, I grant, but the solution is not to suddenly forgive all student debt! I’m in a similar situation to the one that glendean describes.

I hold down a full time job, one that doesn’t pay well, at all, but it’s (barely) enough to allow me to go to a public grad school part time without having to take out student loans. But because I’ve chosen to be responsible and work during the day and not take out loans, I make too great of an income to qualify for any sort of grants. The way things are currently structured, I’d be better off if I were to get laid off. I could go on unemployment, enroll full time in school, finish sooner, and I’d qualify for all sorts of federal education grants and assistance programs.

Apparently I’m a sucker for wanting to not go into debt, and Allahpundit and glendean want to treat me as such.

I fail to understand how erasing outstanding student loans at taxpayer expense will do anything at all to rectify the situation that glendean describes above. It only increases the inequity of the situation.


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  1. I think you mean “speaks like this”. And yes it was a joke. Loosen up there Johnny!

    Comment by Glen Dean | 03/25/2009 | Reply

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