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UPDATE 2: Kayak2U as well, and provides a very apt comparision to a looter’s mentality:

As though one more looter makes the whole thieving enterprise fairer. As though umpteen wrongs makes an immoral practice suddenly ethical.

It’s little more than the gleam in the eye: The other thieves are getting away with it, the doors to the store are wide open, nobody is watching, and if I don’t hurry, all the good stuff will be gone.

And this:

Nowhere is it explained how X amount of dollars spent by Allahpundit is better than the same X amount of dollars spent by the person from whom Allahpundit is planning to steal it. Of the two, I know to whom I’d rather give my money.

Indeed. That about nails it, for me. The money used to forgive student loans is going to come out of the pocket of someone else (i.e. a taxpayer). Why is Allahpundit or anyone else who can’t afford to pay back their student loans more entitled to spend my money than I am? How does this make any sense at all?

Also – if college is prohibitively expensive, what good is it going to do to articifically prop up those prices? Wouldn’t the country be better served to let education costs drop as people became unable to afford higher education? Instead of forcing taxpayers to pay for the increasingly expensive educations of everyone else, thereby rendering their own education that much less valuable, why can’t we just admit that not everyone needs to go to college.

Forcing students through the liberal brainwashing process known as an undergraduate liberal arts education at the expense of taxpayers is going to do nothing for our country except drive it deeper into the socialistic gulch in which it already resides.

The people a program of this sort will primarily benefit are those who bought an overpriced education in a field that can’t support their loans, i.e. fine arts, or journalism, or anything ending in “Studies.” These folks get out of college and realize that the “education” they just borrowed isn’t actually going to allow them to get a job that will pay back that loan, without making serious lifestyle sacrifices, which Allahpundit seems to think is unreasonable.

I’m sorry – if you have any sort of cell phone beyond a basic model, if you’ve got a flat screen bigger than, say, 26 inches, if you’re driving a car that wasn’t at least 5 years old when you bought it, if you eat out, if you take vacations, if you go to the theater or if you spend your weekend evenings at bars or going to ball games or anything like that, I have no sympathy for you, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to hand you money out of my pocket.

I, and tons of other Americans, work their asses off to pay for their education, and we make tons of sacrifices to be able to do so without accuing debt that we can’t afford. Do the same.


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