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My response to Pico’s original post – Pico’s response is here. It is gracious in tone, more so than I might have been, so good for him(?).

The gist:

…if I’m going to have my money stolen from me, and transferred to others, I would rather that money go to people who graduated from college instead of people who bought big houses. I think that, across the spectrum of unpleasantly unfair things, that is the least unfair option.


If you have other ideas on a more fair transfer of money from your pocket to someone elses, suggest it. As long as you understand – it is going to happen – someone is going to get the benefit of your hard work, and it is not going to be you, or anyone you love. (italics in original)

I suppose, yes, people who went into debt to finance an education are a bit more worthy than those who did so to buy a bigger house. But only slightly, in my mind. It’s still being irresponsible.

But where Pico and I are apparently going to differ on this is the central issue, the idea that it is inevitable that money is going to be stolen from responsible Americans and given to those who were irresponsible. I refuse to simply sit back and accept that.

As for suggesting a “more fair transfer of money from my pocket to someone elses,” what about, say, the free market? I like the idea that I’ll give my money to someone else, when they are going to give me something else in return that I want. That seems pretty fair to me. A hell of a lot more fair than having the government take it from me by force of law and give it to whomever they deem most worthy.

Why should anyone but myself or those I love get the (financial) benefit of my hard work? Why is it up to the government to decide who is worthy of getting my money? I fundamentally disagree with this concept, and therefore I cannot support the idea of student loan forgiveness as the lesser of two evils. Mortgage bailouts, newspaper bailouts, corporate bailouts, welfare, student loan bailouts…they are all the same evil.


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