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March Madness

Well, I think today is possibly my third favorite morning/day of the year, behind Christmas morning and MLB Opening Day and slightly ahead of my birthday. Although with each passing year my birthday is fading fast. Thanksgiving might overtake it this year in fact.

For some reason I volunteered to manage my office’s bracket, which involves wrangling 40+ entries, endless emails trying to walk people through the vagaries of CBSSportsline’s relatively simple (I thought) bracket system, and collecting $10 from coworkers while trying to avoid having upper management find out anything (it’s definitely frowned upon at my firm).

It’s amazing how so many seemingly intelligent people are wholly unable to figure out how to create a username at a website and fill out a bracket by clicking on a team name. Perhaps even more amazing is the number of people who claim to have never participated in a NCAA pool before in their lives. I mean, everyone I work with graduated from college, they’re all reasonably well-educated and intelligent, they’re all social and personable people. How do you get to this point in your life and never have done an NCAA pool? It boggles the mind.

It also boggles the mind how many of these same people think it’s a great idea to copy Obama’s bracket line by line. The man has done virtually nothing right since he’s been elected, and these people think that he’s capable of predicting with a worthwhile degree of accuracy something that some of the most knowledgeable hoops experts in the country can’t predict? I mean, granted, Obama hardly went out on any limbs with his picks, UNC is as safe a choice as there has been in a number of years, barring Ty Lawson’s toe falling off, but doesn’t that take all of the fun out of it, copying someone else’s bracket? Even if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, have fun with it, take ownership of your picks. Go with your gut. Use the ol’ favorite “Which mascot would win in a brawl?” method. Whatever works. But enough with the herd mentality.

So yeah, it’s been a busy morning (believe it or not I’ve actually been doing real work crammed around all this bracket management), but I’m hoping this afternoon to be able to come up with a list of my Top 10 March Madness Moments (but only ones that have video available online).


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