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Alec Baldwin Decries Higher Taxes

As reported and discussed many many many places, Alec Baldwin seems to have had a bit of an epiphany with regards to the wealth-destroying nature of higher taxes. He said:

“I’m telling you right now, if these tax breaks are not reinstated into the budget, film production in (New York) is going to collapse, and television is going to collapse and it’s all going to go to California.”

I just don’t get it. How can the man make a statement as truthful as this one, but apparently have no conception that the exact same principle applies to every single other industry out there? If you tax a business or an industry more, odds are they’re either going to cut costs (i.e. fire employees) or move somewhere where they are taxed less.

And then there’s the obvious (you’d think) corollary. At the Big Hollywood post linked above, Mr. Wrestler writes:

Why can’t the state legislature of California have the same epiphany that Alec Baldwin has apparently had? The liberals and progressives that run California seem to understand this when they tax cigarettes to discourage smoking, and tax gasoline to discourage driving. They are keen on discouraging Big Tobacco, and Big Oil, and Big Pharma. So why don’t they use the same principle to ENCOURAGE Big Hollywood? Like Alec Baldwin, are they stupid (unable to understand it), insane (incapable of grasping reality), or just mendacious (willingly degrading prosperity for the sake of increasing their own power)?

Given the history of liberal (and government in general) tax raises, they obviously understand the principle that higher taxes discourage businesses (Obama said as much in the notorious “taxing coal plants out of business” sound bite), they’re presumably not totally insane (although this is not an unreasonable option – being in politics certainly must be very appealing to a certain kind of megalomaniacal personality) which leaves the “lying to increase their own wealth/power” option. And that definitely seems to fit.


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