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Cornerlanch? Goldberg Rush?

Going to get a little self-indulgent for a few minutes here, bear with me…

Just got home from a great night out in New York City with a young lady with whom I’m rapidly becoming smitten, to find that Jonah Goldberg had posted my Obama billboard photoshop (or rather Gimp-shop) in the Corner. Possibly one of the better nights of my life.

Not to brag, more as a way of offering a sincere thank you, but my previous high for visitors in a day had been exactly 100, on the day I posted my account of the New York Tea Party. Most days it hovers around 40-50 visitors.

Got home tonight and saw that 428 people had visited my blog yesterday (Thursday) and already more than 240 had visited Friday. Needless to say, that’s an incredible feeling for a relatively new blogger.

Something I still think of whenever I read the Corner is a description that Peter Robinson posted from an unidentified reader back in 2004, which read: “(The Corner) is kind of like being on a long car trip with some heavily stoned Rhodes Scholars.” Perfect.

I first became devoted to Jonah and the gang back in 2003 when I was in my senior year at Maryland and I got the amazing opportunity to do a four-month internship in the office of Representative Dave Weldon from Florida. I spent a fair amount of those four months behind a desk answering phones, and as such had plenty of time to peruse various blogs. As a young conservative, the Corner was the place to be. It was a heady time – we were toppling statues of Saddam Hussein, George Bush was at the peak of his popularity and Andrew Sullivan was still a conservative. Things have changed since then, but the Corner is still my first stop every morning.

So a heartfelt thank you to Jonah and the folks in the Corner, for this, and for all of the great work that you all do on behalf of the conservative cause. The music’s gonna have to play me off pretty soon, but you all do an amazing job keeping conservatism alive, interesting, and most of all, fun.

P.S. Also, to those who have stopped by prior to this and left comments or offered support or even just read a post, a sincere thank you to you too (Writer X, in particular, thanks for the frequent comments), to those who are just now coming by, stay a while, take a look around in the archives, and come by again!


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