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Thaddeus McCotter on Red Eye

via Andrew Breitbart at Big Hollywood – Congressman McCotter does a great job laying out a plan of recovery for the GOP. I’ve never heard him speak before, but he comes across well, smart and concise with a great sense of humor. And apparently he’s got a band called The 2nd Amendment. Pretty sweet.

Only potential stumbling block I can see is that he kinda reminds me of this guy, actor Ned Bellamy, basically one of the creepier people out there – you may recognize him as “Eddie Sherman,” the camo-clad mailroom guy that Elaine promotes out of abject fear when she takes over at the Peterman catalog. And I quote:

“It’s a hot night. The mind races. You think about your
knife; the only friend who hasn’t betrayed you, the only friend who won’t be
dead by sun up. Sleep tight, mates, in your quilted Chambray nightshirts.”

But I digress. You should watch it for yourself, but I’d just like to highlight five points he lays out, five core principles on which the GOP (or, better yet, the country) can be rebuilt:

Our liberty is from God, not the government;
Our sovereignty is in our souls, not the soil;
Our security is through strength, not surrender;
Our prosperity is from the private sector, not the public sector;
And, our truths are self-evident, not relative.

It’s a little too cute, but in terms of a return to basic principles it’s pretty good. Simple, memorable and uncompromising. They’re ideas everyone should be able to get behind. I particularly like the last one. The GOP could do much, much worse than to try to start with these. And, actually, they wouldn’t really need to go much beyond these. The simpler the better. Nice job, Congressman, keep it up.


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