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From the Hill: Obama’s honeymoon bliss fading

Feel the Hope!

The most optimistic say Obama and Democrats in Congress will face a political backlash unless the economy improves by Election Day 2010.

“We’ve got to see an uptick by August or the Democratic majority is in jeopardy,” said Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), whose state had an 11.6 percent unemployment rate in January.

Stupak doesn’t fault Obama for pursuing healthcare reform, because high medical costs are intertwined with the economic difficulties, he said.

But Obama must move quickly, he added, saying, “By summer there is no more honeymoon. Period.”

But then there’s bunk like this:

Some Democrats have started to worry that voters don’t and won’t understand the link between economic revival and Obama’s huge agenda, which includes saving the banking industry, ending home foreclosures, reforming healthcare and developing a national energy policy, among much else.

Ahhhh, it’s because we’re too stupid! We just don’t get it! Maybe if they used smaller words.

And this:

(Dem. Senator Richard) Bryan described himself as an Obama supporter who derived “intellectual satisfaction” from the president’s healthcare, education and climate proposals. But he questioned whether most people connected such complicated issues to the plunging values of their retirement accounts or to soaring unemployment.

What a ponce. Glad Senator Bryan is getting “intellectual satisfaction” out of the President’s “climate proposal,” whatever the hell that is. And that’s really what the job of the President is, when it comes down to it. Who cares about disappearing retirement savings and soaring unemployment or, you know, national defense? He needs to make sure Congress can remain intellectually satisfied by his plan to stop the Earth from getting warmer in the summer by crippling the auto industry!!!


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