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Democrats Open Mouth, Insert Foot

John Hinderaker at Power Line posts about the winning slogan for the Democrat’s ridiculous anti-Rush Limbaugh billboard contest. Yes, in case you hadn’t heard, the Democratic Party apparently thinks that it’s a good use of their time and money to buy and design a freakin’ billboard attacking an American citizen for speaking his mind.

A previous post listing the five finalists is here, Jonah Goldberg’s next five runners up are here.

Well, the “winning” slogan is this: “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure.” Wow. Really? That’s the best you could do? Seriously? It never occured to the Dems that maybe, just maybe, people might look at that and that given the events of the last 50 days, their first thought might be, “Then why is that what we got?”

For a lot of people out there, the theme of the last 50 days has seemed like something along the lines of “Hurryuphurryuphurryupwe’reallgonnadieifwedon’tdosomething!” And the end result? Pretty much total failure, to this point. So, a “Rush to failure?” Might want to reconsider there kids.

Update: Michelle Malkin links to a Christian Science Monitor blog post on this childishness, with the headline:

“New Limbaugh billboard slogan announced – creativity was not considered”

That sorta says it all, but hey, why stop there?

Setting a world record today for beating a dead horse, the Democratic National Committee will announce they’ve selected an anti-Rush Limbaugh slogan to be placed on a billboard in the radio host’s hometown…

Apparently, more than 80,000 slogans were emailed in and astonishingly all were somehow deemed worse than that one.

Update 2: Jonah weighs in on the “winner”

From a reader there:

At first I couldn’t tell from the billboard whether it was critical of Rush or Obama. In any event, wouldn’t Rush’s response to this billboard be to rent his own billboard that said “Americans didn’t vote for a rush to failure . . . but that’s what they got” with a sillouhette of Obama smoking a cigarette. This has to have occurred to someone already, right?


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