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“British soldiers go to hell!”

UPDATE: A plethora of commentary on this in the Corner – most pertinent to my complaint re the lack of any voice of opposition to the supposed “small minority” comes from Nile Gardiner, here, in which he relays a statement from Sayful Islam (which is odd, most of what I find on the man indicates he would seem to be in complete agreement with the position taken by the “protestors” – clarification anyone?):

“These revolting pictures and inflammatory statements are a disturbing reminder of the scale of the Islamist threat in Britain today, and sadly incidents like this are becoming all too common on the streets of British cities. Let’s hope we never see this kind of scene repeated on the streets of America.”

It’s a start. If only the politicians of Britain (and America) had enough honesty to say the same.

And Andy McCarthy has corrected his “Anglian/Anglican” mistake.

Original post begins here:

Video of Muslims in Britain “protesting” returning British soldiers. At least some locals were pissed off about it. But what’s almost as disgusting as these cowards are the remarks of “Bob Ainsworth, MP, Defense Minister.”

“You’ll always get a small minority who will abuse any situation. They’re not representative of the community at large, I don’t think, in the way that they do their business they’re representative of the Muslim community either.”

Here we go with the “small minority,” the “Muslim community” crap. Why is it that the only “Muslim community” that we ever hear from is the “small minority” of people that hate Western Civilization and everything we stand for? Why do we never ever hear from the supposedly vast majority of Muslims who supposedly appreciate the vast contributions that Britain and America have made to the world’s quality of life? It becomes harder and harder to believe that this “small minority” doesn’t actually represent the Muslim world as a whole when they are the only ones from whom we ever hear.

Would it have killed Mr. Ainsworth to simply say something along the lines of: “The behavior of these people was disgusting and beyond the pale. They should be ashamed of themselves and their actions.” Instead, we get equivocation and excuses. He couldn’t even bring himself to offer praise to the brave soldiers being slandered. What a disgusting display.

More commentary in the Corner (although I think Andy McCarthy is incorrect, it would appear the name of the Regiment in question is actually the “Anglian” Regiment) and at Ace of Spades (with a different video).


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