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No More Polish Jokes

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Poland Going on Offense in Afghanistan

WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s army is changing its tactics in Afghanistan — going on the offense in military operations in view of more likely attacks on coalition forces, Poland’s Defence Minister Bogdan Klich said.

Klich, who is paying a visit to Afghanistan, said that Poland’s likely involvement in offensive military operations in Afghanistan is linked to the forthcoming presidential elections there and the end of winter, a time when rebel attacks are hindered. Intensification of U.S. operations in neighbouring provinces is another reason.

“Taking this into account we decided to change our tactics in Afghanistan and cooperate as closely as possible with U.S. troops,” Poland’s defence minister said.

Poland’s 1,600-strong contingent will be ready to be more active in military operations at the end of March at the latest, Klich said.

Not that I’ve heard (or told) a Polish joke since about grade school, but it always gives me a chill when I read about former Soviet satellites that have come full circle. These people are giving their lives to avenge an attack on our soil, on our people, in defense of freedom for people everywhere. It’s a beautiful thing.


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