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Dan Lips on Obama’s and Education

In the Corner, Dan Lips offers a tighter, more critical analysis of Obama’s speech on education than mine.

But he has some similar criticisms, such as a distinct lack of specifics related to merit pay. Dan says:

“For example, it is unclear what type of merit pay system President Obama supports. Will he support real performance-pay bonuses for teachers who lift students’ test scores? Or will he provide bonuses for those who put in extra work through training and mentoring — the bureaucracy’s version of ‘merit’?”

He also takes Obama to task for throwing in some hopenchange about “every child having the same chance my mother gave me…” claiming that if Obama really wanted that to happen, he would be throwing his weight full bore behind voucher programs. This is certainly warrented, support for widespread voucher programs would be one of the quickest and most efficient ways of cutting costs and improving education in general for plenty of school children in this country.

But I think Obama deserves slightly more credit than Lips is giving him on this, or at least the benefit of the doubt before he almost certainly fails to come through. Let him make his promises, give him due credit for at least claiming to want to try to make some worthy changes. But then be ready when he betrays his words six months from now to call him on it. I’d throw in something about “Give him some rope…” but then I’d probably be a racist.


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