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Michelle Malkin posts a video from Jason Mattera (a braver man than I) confronting Congressman-for-life Charlie Rangel over his recent ethics failures. Rangel tells him to “mind your g**damned business.” What an embarrassment as a person and as a “leader.” But of course, he fits right in on Capital Hill. And all the time with that frickin’ smug smile on his face. What a disgrace as a human being.

Malkin also has another video of Chicago Alderman Richard Munoz literally pushing a taxpayer out of his office while repeatedly swearing at him.

I guess it would be far too obvious and simple for the RNC to be snatching up these videos (and the Chuck Schumer debacle, etc) and preparing to run them during every election cycle between now and 2012. I know Rangel is practically untouchable in his district, but it couldn’t help him to have his constituents and the general public see him and his Democrat cronies basically mocking taxpayers for thinking we have a right to know how our money is being spent.

Update: Dan Riehl has it as well and comments:

“Pretty soon they’ll have to make rules against allowing Harry Reid’s smelly people in.

So much for ‘the people’s business.’ ”


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