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Michael Moore’s View of Americans

Over at Big Hollywood, Michael Wilson has a post (language warning) taking on Michael Moore, in the course of which he reproduces a great list of things that Moore (and presumably many liberals) thinks the majority of Americans believe, and includes his responses. It’s a great read, check it out.

It’s tricky to pick my favorite, but he sold me with the first one, which is a particular pet peeve of mine (Moore’s belief in bold, Wilson’s response follows):

The American public believes that health care is a right and not a commodity.
I don’t have healthcare insurance and it’s not my right. It’s my responsibility to provide healthcare to my children, so that’s a priority and they have it. I can’t afford to buy it for myself from the people who sell it, so it’s not mine. An easy way to remember what is a right and what isn’t is this: A right is something you don’t need someone else to give you. Therefore, since healthcare is a service, just like a fine dinner at a fine restaurant, isn’t it sort of wrong to force other people to give you money for it at the point of a gun? Trust me, the IRS doesn’t fuck around. If I needed to go to the doctor, should I demand money from each of my neighbors at gunpoint to pay for it? That’s what Universal Health Care looks like.


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