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How to get your family out of an financial crisis

A taste:

4. Go to the bank and borrow a few hundred thousand dollars. You are going to be using this money to pay salaries to your children. Yes, it is really that simple. When you are in a terrible financial crisis, the answer is to borrow a huge amount of money. Now is not the time to worry about going into debt. Borrow three hundred thousand dollars. See how easy that is? Now you can pay them one hundred thousand dollars each. Your whole family will instantly go from being down and out, to living on easy street. It is time to set a new course for this family, and that change must begin now. Don’t forget to set aside a very small portion of the money to buy a few condoms for your children. Especially if your wife Nancy thinks it’s a good idea.

It would be a lot funnier if this insane plan isn’t pretty much exactly what Obama is putting into place, but on a massive scale.


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