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Chris Matthews – No More Tingles

via Allahpundit at HotAir:

I think this relates back to what Dan Riehl said the other day, with regards to the number of people distancing themselves from the Obama debacle. No matter what you or I think about some of the idiotic things that Chris Matthews or some of the other political talking heads say, these aren’t necessarily dumb people. They’ve gotten to where they are because they’re pretty smart, and they know their stuff.

But it does beg the question: Why were these relatively intelligent people so easily and totally suckered in by Obama while so many other people saw through him from the beginning? Are they just that anxious for approval from their peers in D.C. and New York and L.A.? Are they so needy that they can’t help but toe the popular line? It’s sad.

And now you see one of Obama’s staunchest promoters in the media ripping him apart for basically lying about earmarks, and he doesn’t let up on these two fools. Some of their remarks are as infuriating as Chuckie Schumer’s “People don’t care” idiocy.

The ponces are sitting there arguing that massive spending bills and billions of dollars in earmarks don’t have anything to do with the economy. That cutting wasteful government spending shouldn’t be a priority when you’re trying to stop a recession. Who hires these people? I’m getting very upset today, and it’s such a beautiful day out.


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