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Reports of Michael Steele’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

Glenn Reynolds links to the Vote Blog at the Christian Science Monitor, to a post discussing whether or not Michael Steele is already a lame duck, due to the Rush mess.

Well, actually it sort of just throws the question out there, adds some scant evidence to back it up, and then leaves it to die. Not so much a discussion.

But the piece does link to a column from the Kansas City Star, in which presumably liberal columnist Yael Abouhalkah suggests that perhaps Obama should actually accept El Rushbo’s challenge of a debate. His reasoning:

“More seriously, this would be a way for Obama to show he won’t back down from a challenge to his administration’s view of how to lead the country. After all, Obama has been meeting with many Republicans in private to get them to buy into his program. He ought to approach the Republicans on their home turf — Limbaugh’s radio program. “

Indeed. Obama and the Dems have been shouting from the rooftops that Rush is the de facto head of the GOP. Isn’t Obama supposed to be all about “reaching across the aisle” or some such nonsense? Then wouldn’t it follow that he should be willing to meet with the supposed head of the other side, hear what Rush has to say?

More Abouhalkah:

“Obama would definitely hold his own, even with the silver-tonged (sic) Limbaugh. But the potential downsides — a stuttering performance, a president humbled on a radio talk show — are too fearful for Obama’s people to contemplate.”

Soooo, Obama would “definitely hold his own,” even against that skillful wielder of the fateful silver tongs of Antioch, buttt, he may also stutter a lot and be humbled…sorry, that doesn’t really sound like holding your own. That sounds like embarrassing yourself and failing pretty badly.

But back to the question at hand? Is Michael Steele a lame duck (or should be be)? My two cents – no. Yeah, he screwed up. Big time. But so do a lot of other people. And I’ve got no problem with him apologizing and trying to move on, as long as he’s learned from his mistake. Steele is still a relatively young man, he’s a good politician and in most instances he’s a solid Republican.

To toss him under the bus Obama-style at this point would be a terrible waste of a good mind, and would only signal that we’re panicked and reinforce the idea that there’s no room for dissent in the GOP, that we won’t accept differing views -granted, yes, the whole Nazi Germany nodding thing was incredibly dumb, and Steele should issue a very strongly-worded statement putting it to bed, refuting any such comparison out of hand, and chastising Hughley for ever thinking such a thing – but we need to be holding on to our talent, not throwing it away at the first sign of trouble.


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