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Dan Riehl on the “Obama Dropouts”

Why the O-Drop Outs Are Troubling

“I’m having as much fun laughing at the number of people falling away from the Obama administration as everyone else is. Unfortunately there is a troubling side to all this.

It isn’t uncommon for people in their situation to take cuts in pay, even put primo careers on hold for a chance like that. And given all the Obama hype, that should be even more of a factor this time out.

That so many are walking away is a sign of something else. It may be a combination of things. But something is very wrong in Obama-land and some number of would be insiders are figuring it out.”

Indeed. You’d figure that at a time like this, with people talking about the end of America as we know it, the stock market tanking, life savings disappearing overnight, all that jazz, you’d think the safest place to be would be at the side (or at the elbow, etc) of the One. And yet a lot of pretty savvy folks are walking away from that safe haven. Obviously this could be the result of a lot of things, but it’s impossible to deny the fact that people are making a conscious decision to distance themselves from what was, just months ago, the most wildly popular political figure in my lifetime. The rats/sinking ship meme is almost too easy.


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