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Thanks Michelle

Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to Michelle Malkin, certainly for her endless work supporting conservatives and our causes, but also for linking back to my blog in one of her posts and sending a nice little traffic spike my way.

So, thanks Michelle! Please keep fighting!

She has posted a roundup of reader-submitted Tea Party videos from across the country, go check ’em out. Michelle also links to an online headquarters for a next wave of Tea Partys scheduled for tax day (that’s April 15th, for employees of the new administration).

Update: And look at that, by clicking around a bit (more specifically, by following Michelle to PursuingHoliness) I’ve learned that the phenomenon I experienced is know as a “Malkalanch.” Not quite as catchy as “Instalanch,” but still fun to be caught in.


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  1. […] Akin to the “Malkalanch” a few days ago, the satrical genius that is Iowahawk has sent me a nice influx of readers […]

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