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Fun Things to Kill Time with During the Day

Figured I’d try to leave with a few of my favorite things while I’m gone. Because work’s for suckers! Who needs to earn “money” these days anyway. Mortgages are free.

Television Without Pity – It’s gone downhill since Bravo took over, but for those who like their TV with a heapin’ helpin’ of snark, enjoy. I recommend Friday Night Lights. Or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, look up the Band of Brothers write ups. Oooh, or the Serenity one.

TV Tropes – a useful and entertaining guide for aspiring writers everywhere

Reelviews by James Beradinelli – liberal leanings aside, one of my favorite movie reviewers. At least he’s not really obnoxious about it, like Ebert.

Animal Review – it’s already in my blogroll, but I like it so much I’ll link it again. Hilarious tongue-in-cheek “reviews” of various animals.

The 100 Most Annoying Things – from the uber-mysterious “Writer X,” also in my “Fun” blogroll, but always worth a fresh look – I believe she’s on #48 “Girls Gone Wild.” And I think I may have just upped my Google hits. Like when I entitled a post yesterday “Conservatives and Porn.”


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  1. Johnny, another worthwhile TV show (there aren’t many, unfortunately) is THE UNIT. It’s on Sunday nights on CBS. A very cool show about a special forces military unit. I’m hoping it comes back next season.

    Comment by WriterX | 03/03/2009 | Reply

    • Omigosh – I thought my roommates and I were the only people that even knew The Unit existed (including, apparently Television Without Pity, for which I think it would be a natural fit)…although I’ve got a bone to pick with it – but you’ve inspired me to turn it into an upcoming post.

      Comment by Johnny Chimpo | 03/04/2009 | Reply

  2. […] that Obama is doubtlessly about to foist on us, and because Writer X brought it up in a comment and I should give the people what they want, and mostly because it’s my blog and I’ll do […]

    Pingback by The Unit (Part 1?) « Retake Education | 03/04/2009 | Reply

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