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Via Ace of Spades and Mark Hemingway in the Corner, the best news I’ve had today (well, aside from my evening class being canceled due to the snow…) – apparently Pat Toomey is considering running against Arlen Specter in 2010.


Just a personal aside – as an undergrad at Maryland I did a four-month internship with Dr. Dave Weldon’s (R-FL) DC office during my senior year. It was a great opportunity, got to learn a lot, see a lot and give constituent tours of the U.S. Capitol Building (easily the coolest part of the job). However, my most vivid memory of my time there was when I got to accompany Dr. Weldon when he and Pat Toomey (then a Rep from PA) went to speak before a committee headed by Arlen Specter, with regards to some medical issue. I knew nothing about Toomey at the time, but I distinctly remember being extremely impressed by him that day. He simply came across as sincere, trustworthy and very knowledgeable, sort of like the political equivalent of Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights, the kinda man you’re happy to know is on your side, ’cause it means you must be doing something right.

He spoke concisely and well, but in a manner that came across almost as disgusted that he was being forced to waste his time educating Specter. It was fun to watch.

After I graduated, I applied for several legislative positions in congressional offices (didn’t get any), once of which was with Pat Toomey’s office, easily the one about which I was most excited. I guess the point of all this is that he is a very good man and would make an excellent leader for the GOP. And that it’s my blog and I can afford to reminisce a bit…I’m psyched, and still bitter that Bush blew it for Toomey last time out.


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