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More Steele vs. Rush

The eponymous Ace at Ace of Spades offers a defense of Michael Steele’s statement re Rush Limbaugh:

“Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer,” Steele said. “Rush Limbaugh, his whole thing is entertainment. Yes it’s incendiary, yes it’s ugly.”

Ace’s position is that Steele was basically distancing himself from any comments that Rush has made or will make, painting himself as a reasonable compromiser. And he makes a good point, particularly with regards to “moderates:”

Example: Most “moderates” are politically stupid. There are some well-informed moderates who simply do not fit well with either party and hence are moderates by choice.

However, most moderates are moderates by apathy and ignorance. They simply don’t know much about politics at all. So “moderate” becomes the default choice. (Actually, a false moderation which is actually a media-promoted soft-liberalism calling itself “centrism” is the default choice, but whatever.)

Now, I can say that most moderates and centrists are really politically stupid and, in many ways, politically childish. They might be quite smart in other ways, but in this area, whether through lack of interest or lack of brainpower, they’re dumb.

I can say that because I’m talking to a group of partisans who are informed and interested in politics.

Limbaugh can say that — and indeed has said it — for the same reason.

Michael Steele cannot say that.

Now, Ace’s point makes perfect sense, and he’s right, but it’s incredibly frustrating that our society has reached the point Steele is forced to publicly denounce the one man who has done more common sense and truth than anyone else over the last twenty years. And Ace acknowledges a similar feeling, that the situation sucks.

But I still think that Steele has betrayed conservatives today. People won’t think about what Steele’s “true” motives may have been, or the political realities that he faces. Instead, all most people will see or hear from the media is that the leader of the GOP trashed Rush Limbaugh. Rush is a hero of ours, he has been our voice for years and years, often our only real voice, and to have Michael Steele call Rush’s opinions “ugly” is to call my opinions ugly.

If anything, Steele should have used a better choice of words. “Incindiery?” Sure. That’s Rush’s job. “Entertainer?” Of course. That’s one reason why it was so asinine for the President of the United States to attack him. But “ugly?” The truth can hurt, but it isn’t ugly.

Update: Related thoughts from Erick at RedState:

“This is not a fight between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele. This is a fight between Michael Steele’s mouth and his foot.”

Update 2: John at Powerline is disheartened as well:

“The cluelessness revealed by Steele’s comments is so manifold that it’s hard to know where to begin. Apparently, like Rush’s liberal critics, Steele has never actually listened to Rush. Otherwise, it would never occur to him to call Rush’s program “ugly.” What most distinguishes Rush, I think, is the sense of joy you get from him: joy at being an American, at being a free man who was able to succeed, entirely through his own efforts, almost beyond imagining, joy at being able to connect with millions of listeners and play a part in history. Nor is Rush a mere entertainer, although he can be hilariously funny. Mostly, I think, he is a teacher.”

Update 3: Michelle Malkin as well:

“Also: There is nothing — nothing — conservative about echoing the class warfare-tainted rhetoric of the Left. Nothing.

Don’t go there.”


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