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Self-Described Liberal Blogger Goes Off on Obama

Via Kate at small dead animals – Dan W., a Vermont liberal blogging at Ashes Ashes All Fall Down has his “I’m mad as hell…” moment re Obama’s faux-SOTU speech the other night.

It’s fun to read, in a very much schadenfreude-y kind of way (language warning).

I haven’t gotten a chance to read anything else that he’s written, but he’s very very very angry at Obama and the Dems for basically crippling this country with spending and debt, and lying through their teeth about it at the same time. When Vermont liberals start feeling this way you know it’s not good.

Unfortunately, I can certainly see the GOP screwing this up though. If we were smart, we would completely drop any sort of social intervention, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, anything mentioning religion, and completely focus on economic responsibility, deregulation, smaller government, lower taxes, and drastic spending cuts. Expose and fight government corruption at every turn and cut ties with the RINOs and we’ll have it made in 2010. This doesn’t mean get rid of Jindal or Palin, by all means, they’re the future of the party. But force them to forget about the social aspects of conservatism. If we don’t take back the economic high ground in this country there’ll be nothing left anyway.

But I fear that the GOP leadership is too dumb to do any of this. They’ll continue to preach to the religious base (of which I’m a member), forcing government where it doesn’t belong, and they’ll continue to alienate those social liberals, moderates and libertarians who are otherwise economically conservative. Sigh.


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