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Bobby Jindal on the Today Show

Kathryn Lopez in The Corner has embedded a YouTube clip of Bobby Jindal on the Today Show this morning. I didn’t “get” to watch Obama’s speech last night (was working on a paper for school) and didn’t watch Jindal last night. I’ve been reading that Jindal was less than impressive in his follow up to Obama, but I can’t hold that against him. Jindal was in a no-win situation last night.

However, moving forward, when he’s not following the proverbial “tough act to follow,” I think that’s when Jindal can make a difference. This is actually the first time I’ve heard him speak at length, and while he definitely needs to work on his cadence and style – he just speaks way too quickly and with too many run-on sentences – he has the intelligence and confidence to be a great spokesperson for the party. He has none of the “Uh’s” and “Um’s” that so often find there way into Obama’s responses, he seems to know exactly what he’s trying to say before he says it, and he’s very likable and trust-inspiring.

He’s definitely at his best near the end of the clip, when he defends his refusal to take stimulus money in order to protect the people of Louisiana from higher taxes, and is able to cite his job-creation stats. That’s the kind of message that people can easily relate to. If I’m in Louisiana and I hear that rational, I’m happy with it. And if I’m in another state that’s getting hammered with high taxes (that will inevitably go even higher, say, New York), I’m thinking that that argument sounds pretty good to me too.

The GOP needs to get Jindal out there and keep him out there, get his face and his message on TV as much as possible. Jindal’s message is what should be made the GOP’s centerpiece, when he says that he’s merely doing what he was elected to do – to protect the interests of Louisiana taxpayers. And the best way to do that is to make sure their taxes are low and stay low. Simple, non-partisan, and very appealing to business owners and workers alike.


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