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Kate at small dead animals links to a very brief NY Times interview with Dambisa Moyo, who takes on the whole celebrity-driven foreign “aid” scam. It’s a little refreshing to read – Moyo calls out these worthless aid packages for the incredible waste of money that they are, billions and billions of our dollars that are basically funneled to keep corrupt dictators in power at the expense of their people.

However, two things occured to me:
1) If Moyo, and presumably the interviewer, Deborah Solomon, can make this connection, that merely shoveling money at a people basically keeps them in poverty, how come they can’t make the same connection with welfare and domestic government aid? Is this too much of a stretch?


2) The last “question.” Solomon doesn’t really ask anything, she merely states:

For all your belief in the potential of capitalism, the free market is now in free fall and everyone is questioning the supposed wonders of the unregulated market.

Is this some kind of joke? When was the last time our economy was anything close to even resembling a free market, or “unregulated?” Is she truly this ignorant, or is she just purposefully lying? Either way, it’s a ridiculous assertion, and one that I wish Moyo had challenged.

But for us to allow the media to continue to paint the collapse of our economy as proof of the failure of capitalism or the free market is an enormous mistake. Every time someone says, “Well, everyone can see capitalism and the free market doesn’t work, just look at the last eight years!” and we allow it to go unchallenged, we are merely accelerating the rise of socialism. We must not allow this blatant ignorance to continue. Educate your friends, your neighbors – stop letting the media and the Dems make these ridiculously untruthful assertions in a vacuum.


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