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NYU Protest Video

More high comedy here, although in this case it’s mixed with a healthy dose of “I really want to punch this kid in the face.” If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch as much of this video as you can (I somehow made it through the whole thing, but I had to take short breaks to calm down, and it was really only in the hopes that at some point one of the kids would get tasered or maced or something – SPOILER – no one does – lame). I apologize in advance for even linking to Gawker, but it’s where the video is…

It’s hard to pick and choose between the myriad of great lines these idiots toss out there – my personal favorites are the “We’ve got lawyers!” and near the end when they’re inventorying their Macbooks and “journals” (Mm hmm, the cops are gonna want to confiscate your diary. Idiot.) and the camera man, looking at a water bottle, utters the immortal “They won’t want that, they probably drink corporate water.”

HA!!! Tremendous!!! Corporate water!!!

But on a more serious note. These morons are not an anomaly in our educational system. The way they’re speaking, in that quasi-revolutionary style, full of Marxist jargon and talk of “power relationships” and “consensus process”? Where do you think they learned to speak that way? From their professors and their teachers. That’s how liberal arts professors speak these days. It’s insanity. So the lesson here is: If you want your children to grow up to act like these fools, if you want to someday get to see your sweet little kids in dreadlocks, screaming obscenities at police officers and basically acting like (forgive me) full on douches, then go for it, do nothing.

If, however, you’d rather have your children be given a grounding in right and wrong, in the ideals of freedom and personal responsibility, if you want your children to understand that there are consequences for their actions, and that life isn’t fair, but that by working hard they can make it better, if that’s the kind of education you’d rather have for your children then tell your friends about this blog, and maybe click on the little “Donate” button over there…


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