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One of the best things that Big Hollywood has done since it’s launch a little while back is to snatch up YouTube sensation Alfonzo Rachel and make him a regular contributor. If you somehow missed him during the last election, he’s a shocking breath of fresh air in the vein of Joe the Plumber. Just a regular guy, willing (and able) to put into words everything that is wrong with our country today. A couple days ago RedState (I think – can’t find the link now) had a post with Michael Steele claiming to want to bring “hip-hop to the GOP” or some ridiculous Poochie-the-dog-esque notion.

The GOP doesn’t need to become “hip” or “edgy” or “hip-hop” to attract younger or minority voters. It needs to make its case better to those voters. It needs to educate them as to why socialism NEVER works, and how their freedoms are being stripped by the very people they elected to maintain them. And Alfonzo Rachel is exactly the kind of guy that the GOP needs to tap into to spread that message.

His latest rant (for lack of a better word) is on the Fairness Doctrine. Watch it. Spread the word. Just a taste: “Despite all the mediums that (liberals) have – newspapers, magazines, movies, TV, FM radio – you liberals are threatened by AM talk radio. Man, that’s like Evander Holyfield peeing on himself because a bee landed on him.”

He’s not going to appeal to everyone, and that’s fine, but he’ll definitely appeal to a lot of people that the GOP hasn’t been able to reach in a long long time. We would be foolish not to embrace him.


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