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David Limbaugh on the Coming Socialist America

El Rushbo’s brother comes through with a great column at Townhall, laying out what’s in store for America. I can only hope he’s wrong. Via Shout First.

A taste:

While there has long existed a tension between liberty’s usurpers and watchdogs, rarely have the usurpers been in such ascendance. They are in firm control of the executive and legislative branches and are using the full force of the federal government to stack the deck in their favor in perpetuity. Just look at the taxpayer-funded payoffs of defaulting mortgagors, unions, governors, big-city mayors, liberal “public interest” groups, and ever-expanding dependency constituencies, including illegal immigrants.

Just a side comment – Townhall has to be one of the most irritatingly designed websites I’ve ever seen. Seriously. What a disgrace. It’s got pop-ups, ads everywhere, and a ridiculous font. The text looks like an email my dad would send (sorry Pops), all oversized and bold and with these horrible narrow margins. Please, someone make some changes, and quick.


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