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Mission Statement: Part 1

I’ve started this blog/bleg for a simple reason: To help fund my education. The ultimate goal is to allow me to be able to complete graduate school and become a teacher without going into debt to the government.

What I am doing here is largely antithetical to the way I have lived my life to this point. I have never been one to ask for or expect charity or undue financial help from anyone, but I am even more loath to put myself in hock to the federal government with student loans.

I am in my late 20’s, and I have decided to make a career change, to go into teaching. I am doing this for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is that I find myself increasingly disgusted by the myriad of ways in which the educational system in this country is failing our children. The public (and private) school system in this country has become almost entirely a tool of the liberal left, indoctrinating our children with socialistic, multicultural nonsense, degrading our forefathers and all those who have fought and given their lives to make our country what I believe it is: The single greatest country in existence.

However, children now emerge from our educational system convinced that America is now and always has been an instrument of evil in the world. To students today, America is a symbol of everything that is wrong with humanity. To students in the American educational system, America is greed, racism, hatred, bigotry, selfishness, bloodlust, warmongering, poverty, inequality and destruction. To me, America is the exact opposite. As I see it, America is the lone remaining hope for freedom and the power of the individual over the government and tyranny. For too long, patriotism and love of country have been ridiculed as outdated notions; for too long our soldiers have been spit upon and mocked and betrayed; for too long our country’s history has been taught by people who would sooner burn an American flag than salute it.

I’ve started this blog because I want to be part of a movement to change all of that in our educational system. But I need help.


02/23/2009 - Posted by | Mission Statement

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