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Mission Statement, Part the 2nd – About Me

I’m currently enrolled in a Master’s Education program at a respected public school in New York. I pay in-state tuition, and I take classes at night so that I can hold down a full time job. I put myself through undergrad, again at a state school, by working nights at various businesses in the college town. One of the proudest achievements in my life to this point was emerging with a degree in English Literature with zero debt to my name. I live within my means – I haven’t taken a vacation longer than a weekend since college, I rarely eat out, I clip coupons and borrow books from the library. By doing so, I’ve been able to pay for my first 12 credits without help, but doing so has eaten through my savings. So I’ve come to this.

By donating to help me pay for my Master’s degree, you will be helping our country in several ways:

1) Male teachers are in great demand, particularly elementary school teachers, and for good reason – children need male role models, especially in their early years. Too many children today are without fathers, or are raised to view men, particularly white males, as the enemy. White men and fathers are portrayed in the media as bumbling, hateful, incompetent idiots who can barely speak without drooling much less raise a family. Bringing more male teachers into the classroom will help change that perception.

2) How often have you wished that your children had an unbiased, honest voice in the classroom? Having taken four years of undergraduate classes and two semester of graduate classes (all at PUBLIC schools), the American educational system is rigged wholeheartedly against conservative viewpoints. Even students with “moderate” beliefs going into the educational system will find it hard pressed to emerge as anything less than a full-blown leftist. Unless we stop this trend now, where it begins, future generations in this country will have little chance of escaping the yoke of socialism.

3) If the idea of helping a young conservative get into the classroom to help educate your children isn’t enough, consider the fact that by helping to fund my education, you’re actively reducing the money that goes to the government in student loan interest. I’m committed to becoming a teacher. But unless I raise enough to cover my tuition bill each semester, I’ll be forced to take out student loans. And that means, when I graduate, I’ll start having to pay interest on those loans. And that means the government will be getting more money to dish out to ACORN and the like. But donating, you can help cut those interest dollars.


02/23/2009 - Posted by | Mission Statement

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